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JUMBO SS Kitchens started as a solution provider to Modular Kitchen Cabinets with a powerful blend of design, functionality and quality. Every household was hit badly with termite during HUDHUD Cyclone in Visakhapatnam which led to this innovative idea of manufacturing Kitchen Cabinets in Stainless Steel.

What started off as a quick fix remedy evolved into a full proof solution for a 100% TERMITE-FREE KITCHEN with dedicated research to make it easy to install, and aesthetically elegant combined with the durability of Stainless Steel. This gradually widened its scope PAN India.

Jumbo Team

About our Company

The name JUMBO stands for termite-free solutions for Modular Kitchen Cabinets with a powerful blend of design, functionality, and quality. We manufacture the premium kitchen cabinets in high-grade Stainless Steel. JUMBO is owned and managed by a team of Engineering professionals.

Our core competence is in Designing, Processing & Manufacturing. We work on the least turnaround time, manufacturing durable Steel Kitchen Cabinets with precision. It is flexible, elegant, modern, hygienic & easy to install. The cabinets also withstand the effects of weather, termite & moisture. The JUMBO cabinets offer wise storage space and compatible with all kinds of hardware.

With this unmatched reliable solution to our customers, we earn their trust and steel the show.

JUMBO SS 304 Cabinets are manufactured in our State of the Art manufacturing facility equipped with the latest CNC LASER Cutting and CNC Bending Machines.

How do we work?

Quality & Reliability

We have endeavored to provide high-quality products and reliable services to our clients.

Skilled Manpower

We hire highly skilled manpower to maintain high levels of precision. Continuous training and learning are a part of our company culture.

Right Pricing Model

We’re proud of our pricing model. Our prices are competitive and affordable, catering to a wide variety of clientele.

Best Hardware Fittings

We provide the perfect hardware, which is appropriate for assembly and can help you use the hardware comfortably.

Immaculate Finish

JUMBO Kitchen cabinets come with an immaculate finish to maintain high levels of aesthetics.

Lifetime Surety

JUMBO SS 304 Modular kitchen cabinets are resistant to moisture, pest, and termites, which ensures them lasting for decades.

High-End CNC Machines

We always use high-End CNC Machines to craft the Stainless steel modular cabinets.

Customer-Centric Approach

We always believe in a customer-centric approach. Taking feedback and continuously upgrading our products is our hallmark.


The vision of Jumbo SS Kitchens is to provide the most reliable, termite free solution for modular kitchen cabinets.
We will earn the trust of our customers through high quality standards driven by the integrity and customer focus of our team.

Mission Statement

By providing durable stainless steel kitchen cabinets with the least turn around time, manufactured to precision, Jumbo SS Kitchens helps its channel partners to offer a reliable solution to their customers and their by earn customer loyalty and maximize their profitability.

Core Values

Customer Satisfaction
Continuous Improvement

Ravi Kishor Rambothu

Ravi Kishor Rambothu

Managing Director


Vani Bala Rambothu

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